How do we prepare for a session?

We will schedule an in-person or Skype meeting where we will try to figure out all details for you photo session, such as wardrobe, styling and personal items in order to create your story. We will discuss about colours and design so that everything coordinates together to create the most beautiful portraits.

On the day of your session, make sure everyone is well rested, and well fed. Try to relax: Kids can sense stress and get affected by it. Just tell your child that they are going to visit me to have some fun, to take a couple of pictures and get a surprise at the end.


How long does a session last?

My sessions are not rushed, so everybody has plenty of time to warm up. My goal is to capture as much of a child’s personality as possible. There are no time limits, however most sessions take approximately one to two hours.


What should we wear?

Keep clothing simple, and stay away from written logos or big graphics.  Great are layered outfits that avoid repeated changing, and bare feet !  Children under a year are great naked or covered only in a blanket. If there is more than one child, outfits should be similar with coordinating colours. But don't worry, we will discuss this during our planning session. Make sure though that dresses are clean and ironed.


What should we bring for our baby or child?

You can bring your kids' favourite toy and music. If we meet in the studio and you have some nice individual accessories or furnitures like chairs or pillows then you can bring them along.  We can discuss accessories during our planning session. If the plan is to meet at a park, then make sure to bring snacks, a drink, outfit change and even wet wipes!


What happens during the session?

Being a mother, too, I know how important it is to be patient and calm as a newborn is fed and comforted, or as a toddler slowly sheds her camera shyness. Sometimes, I may just give some gentle direction to make sure everyone is in the best light and sometimes I will try to engage with your child with some fun games and interactions. Most likely it will feel more like a play date with a friend, rather than a formal photo shoot.


Can we take photos or video during the session?

During the session I will be the only one with a camera in hands. Kids might be diverted and focus on you and your smartphone rather than on me and that might interrupt the connection I'm trying to create and the flow of the session.


What happens after the session?

Two or three days after our photographic session we will meet for viewing a first selection of photographs. You will then decide which photographs you like the best and what you want to do with them.


Do you offer re-touching?

Most of the children I photograph have a runny nose at some point during the shoot so I will I will re-touch your final selected photographs to clean up any dirt and dribbles etc.


Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes you can order a gift certificate for any of the sessions by contacting me through mail or visiting me in my studio.


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